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"Someday" (2016) Single mp3

"Someday" 2016 PanaGold Entertainment, is a soulful ballad released in November of 2016.  The song is about hope and longing and is the recording debut of Greg's classical guitar and rhythmic style of playing.  Fortune played all instruments and sang all vocals, save for the bass, which was contributed by Duane Woodard.




"Solitude" (2010) Full-length CD 

"Solitude" 2010 PanaGold Entertainment, was released under the artist's original name Gregory Alan, his first and middle names.  Is it a state of mind or simply a state of being?  His sophomore release epitomizes the concept.  The artist recorded a stellar set of thoughful self-penned tunes in a remote recording studio.  Every voice and instrument you hear is his...  Following a tradition started with his first release "Essential", the CD contains 9 original and diverse songs that evidence the growth and emergence of the artist, singer and songwriter.  Track no. 10, Solitude is a spoken word rendition of the title concept.  Listen and you will hear music the way it was meant to be... original and classic!



"Essential" (2002) Full-length CD 


"Essential" 2002 PanaGold Entertainment, is the debut release under the artist's original name Gregory Alan, his first and middle names.  This album demonstrates the artist's versatility as a songwriter and musician.  Recorded in his home studio, the album contains the soulful ballads "Happy Ending" and the haunting "How Do You Stop?" and uptempo grooves like "I Will Be There" and the contemporary jazz tune, "Heaven Knows".


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